Ask An Expert: Advice Column to Launch on Gays With Kids!

"How do I tell my anti-gay family I want kids?"

"Is it okay for gay men to use a surrogate when so many kids need to be adopted?

"I struggle to get along with my son's birth mom. How can I improve our relationship?"

These are just a few of the questions gay men who are dads, or who are interested in becoming dads, ask Gays With Kids each week. In order to get our readers the best possible answers to these important inquiries, we decided to enlist some help!

Gays With Kids has gathered an impressive group of therapists, lawyers, advocates, and other professionals within the world of adoption, surrogacy, and foster care to help address some of the most challenging and interesting questions gay men face on the topic of fatherhood. Each week, one of our experts will provide some advice on how best to navigate your most pressing questions.

Have a question you've been dying to ask?  No topic is off limits, and you may ask your question anonymously or publicly. Send an email with your question to with "Ask An Expert" in the subject line. 




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