These Gay Dads Have Been Slaying Halloween Since 2013...

Adam White and Eric Evans take their family Halloween ensembles to another level, as evident below! They have two kids through open adoption (read their family story here), and since becoming dads, they've been creating fantastical and inspired photoshoots. "It's a labor of love to makes these costumes and provide these memories," shared Erik.

Check out their fabulous costumes spanning the past 5 years!

2013: Alice in Wonderland



"Alice in Wonderland was a childhood favorite for both of us. In thinking of our son's first Halloween costume, the choice was obvious. We didn't originally plan to dress up with him, but the thought that he wouldn't do well in pictures without us holding him led to our favorite yearly tradition." - Adam & Eric

2014: Lollipop Guild



"We knew that The Wizard of Oz would be a costume choice one year, but we did not want to do the obvious characters. After attending a summer production of the show, Eric threw out the idea of the Lollipop Guild. We instantly knew we had to do it!" - Adam & Eric

2015: Pinocchio


"This year's theme was accidental. After searching on Etsy for costume ideas, we stumbled upon the cutest costume. It was both unexpected and perfect for our blonde haired, 2-year-old boy! It also gave his theatre daddies a chance to get back up on the stage for the Halloween pictures." - Adam & Eric

2016: Nursery Rhyme Characters 



"This was our first Halloween as a family of four. The idea of our son being Humpty Dumpty was suggested for a few years, but we couldn't find the right costume. Now with a baby in the picture, and a very talented grandma who could make the costumes, we decided to do classic nursery rhyme characters: Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, the little piggy who went to market, and one of the three blind mice" - Adam & Eric

2017: Classic Halloween



"Welcome to the first year of having an opinionated child! Once Halloween decorations started popping up in stores, our son kept saying he wanted to be a bat. We decided to do classic Halloween costumes by pairing kid and adult costumes together." - Adam & Eric

2018: A Christmas Carol



"This year's theme goes back to Adam's roots as a former English Teacher. Combined with our son's love of ghosts and our daughter's love of dresses, A Christmas Carol was a perfect choice!" - Adam and Eric



We're already excited for next year!!

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