Tantalizing and Terrifying Halloween Treats

Hey dads, we're here to help zhuzh up your family's Halloween this year!

We put together this list of some of our favorite spooky treats, which includes links to each recipe. Now hang on to your broomsticks, these treats are hair-raising, spine-chilling and tummy-pleasing all at the same time. Have your kids help you decide which ones to try in your house and then get in some great quality dad/child time by inviting your favorite little ghoul to help with the preparation!

Eww! We know these witch finger cookies look ghastly, but they taste delicious and we're sure they'll be a serious hit with your family!

Martha Stewart's boo-nilla milkshakes are more sweet than scary, and definitely a delicious treat for dad and kid alike!

The great thing about these gingerbread mummies? The kids can go overboard with the frosting as the more wrapped-up they are, the better they look!

Add some Halloween fun to your kid's classroom with these spooky school lunch ideas!

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Then Nigella's divine ghoul-graveyard chocolate cake is your pièce de résistance. For decorations, pick up some Halloween sugar cake toppers at your favorite grocery store, or get even more adventurous with these Halloween Character Cupcake Rings, which serve double-duty as parting gifts for the kids.

These monster-themed cookies are not for the novice baker as they do require some specialty cooking tools, but the end-result is an awesome treat!

We originally shared the recipes for our favorite Halloween cupcakes here on Gays With Kids a couple of years ago. We still love them, so want to be sure you know about them, too. We've come up with five different frightening yet delicious themes!


These Gum and Teeth Snacks are as easy to make as they are macabre to see and delicious to eat!

For a healthier option of goodies that look spooky but won't cause any tooth decay, check out these creative tangerine pumpkins and banana ghosts.


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