Keep Your Little Ones Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Meet David and Danny fathers and founders of Kekoa Foods sharing some tips on how to keep your little ones eating their healthy vegetables during the hecticness of the holidays.

Keep Your Little Ones Eating Healthy Vegetables During the Holidays

Tip Number 1

If their son doesn't eat all his vegetables, he doesn't get dessert. Consistently enforcing that rule ensures their son eats his veggies regularly.

Tip Number 2

Include a variety of vegetables including ones your kids love as well as new options to expand their palates.

Tip Number 3

Embrace color and combinations! Little ones love bright colors on their plates, and darker colored vegetables contain more nutrients than lighter color ones.

Tip Number 4

Involve your kids in meal prep and cooking. It's a great learning opportunity for them and involving them excites them about eating their culinary creations. Visit to learn more including how to back David and Danny's Kickstarter campaign to pre-order their delicious Kekoa pouches.

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