Just in Time for the Holigays! Two New Ads Featuring Gay Dad Families

Two British companies released Christmas ads embracing same-sex couples and families. As said on Queerty, "It’s a weird way to measure civil rights, but there’s something undeniably lovely about the simplicity of including some gay dads in an ad."

Sainsbury's, a supermarket giant in the U.K., went first with a stop-motion ad showcasing a range of diverse families and a sweet song performed by James Corden.

The company released a statement in regard to their Christmas ad: "We wanted to reflect a modern Britain and a diverse Britain. That’s what we feel like we’ve done throughout the whole piece of work. We’ve made sure we’ve got a true reflection of what we see out there every day."

The second ad is by Thomas Cook, a travel agency, and their holiday ad features both a gay dad family and, fleetingly, a two men kissing.

Jamie Queen, marketing director for Thomas Cook Group and U.K., said, "It’s 2016, our customers are as diverse as our holidays and we wanted to reflect that in our marketing campaign."

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