Gay Dads Day is March 1

Guest post written by Matthew Hodgson-Fopp

Since having the twins, Greg and I have realized just how lucky we are. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we would/could become parents but some how here we are today with two beautiful 4-year-old daughters, Delilah and Verity.

The thought process behind Gays Dads Day was a little random like a lot of things in our life (it was dreamt up at 1am in the morning after an awesome day with our girls) but for us it's about celebrating how far we have come in recent years and just how lucky we are to be parents. We should celebrate.

Don't get me wrong, we still fight battles because we are two dads and they are battles that other more traditional families probably wouldn't have to fight (the never-ending "Mother" and "Father" fields on forms always causes us an issue in Switzerland) but usually it's more surprise and curiosity than negativity. Yes, there's still a long way to go but let's celebrate and embrace what we do have. 20 years ago being same sex parents would have been very challenging and although not impossible definitely more difficult than it is today.

So whether you've become a gay parent through adoption, fostering, co-parenting, surrogation, step-parenting, a previous relationship or any other way; let's celebrate, embrace, enjoy and smile about our little monkeys (or devils depending on the day of week).

Have an awesome day, give your little ones a massive hug and Happy Gay Dads day :)

Follow along with Matt and his husband Greg via their blog - "The Real Dads of Zurich" - and their Instagram.

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