Gay Dads Start Annual Toy Drive for Kids in Need

Guest post by Brian Splater, founder of Ambassadors of Kindness

Back in November of 2019 our daughter looked at us and said she wanted to donate some of her toys to kids who were less fortunate than her and her brother. Today our daughter is eight and our son is seven. In 2019 not one used toy was donated but instead, in two and a half weeks time, our children collected over 300 NEW toys. 

We already knew how compassionate and kind our children were but it has taken people by surprise that our daughter created our Annual Toy Drive. With her brother, she spearheads this event every year. Last year nearly 200 new toys were taken to “Children’s Hospital and Medical Center” in Omaha, NE. We had Santa, Mrs. Claus and the Grinch come to our Victorian Magical Christmas where Santa gave out new toys to over 60 local children. It didn’t stop there. We also donated boxes of new toys to our local St. Francis Catholic Church along with $400 to a local nonprofit. 

Back in February of 2020 I began our nonprofit Ambassadors of Kindness, INC. in our small community of 1,900 after this very successful toy drive. This year we doubled the amount of gifts we received from last year.

This Annual Toy Drive would not be successful without our local businesses sponsoring it and without members of our community purchasing and donating hundreds of items.


Since September 2020 we have received over 1200 items to make 660 gifts. As our children were in foster care this year’s Drive is very important to them. In Hastings, NE. And Lincoln, NE. there are a total of 568 children in foster care and this year they all will receive a gift. 

As my husband says: Civics I think is getting lost a lot, and our kids are involved in Scouts, our kids are involved in organizations that we hope will teach them how to give something back, and teach them lessons about growing as people.

Our Annual Magical Toy Drive is not the only Program our nonprofit created. We also have our Colors4Kids and our Books4Kids Program. These two amazing Programs focuses on the little and important things for children in foster care. 

Foster parents sign their foster children up for these two programs. With our Books4Kids Program, children receive a shipment of 3-5 age appropriate books. When the child is finished with these book they ship them back to us and we ship out another 3-5 books. We believe reading is Power and it’s important for children to read, especially during a time like COVID when they may not be able to get to a public library or if their own school is closed down because of COVID.

With our Colors4Kids Program, Foster Parents sign their foster child(ren) up and every other month they receive age-appropriate coloring books, activity books, puzzles, word searches and educational material. These items are for children to keep. They also receive brand new crayons and colored pencils every three months. Our hope with this Program is to have children tap into their imagination and it encourages children to get creative with crayons and colored pencils. 

We adopted our two children and they were in foster care. So helping foster children is very important to our family. With our Annual Magical Toy Drive our children have experienced Christmas’s where gifts were either not there or you got very limited items.

I hope our nonprofit is setting an example for other people to get involved in their community. Each person, regardless who they are, MATTER and can be a positive force in their community. It’s to prove that kindness can be inspired and it can spread. As we know this teaches our kids to be empathetic and caring of others.

On our Facebook Page we keep updates and we share other people’s acts of kindness and what they are doing in their own community to inspire and spread their own kindness. Please join us on our Facebook Page by LIKING and SHARING our Ambassadors of Kindness Facebook Page.

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