The Gay Dad Kings of Halloween

Every year, we're blown away by the AMAZING family costume ensembles we see for Halloween. For some queer dads, Halloween is gay Christmas, and the effort that goes into their costumes is unparalleled. Few can compare, however, to the Halloween stylings of Manny Lopez and Paul Sandmann, dads of twins, 

2015's Wizard of Oz


"Our family isn’t traditional; we are more of 'the new normal,'" said Manny describing his family. He and his husband Paul Sandmann welcomed their twins, Adelaide and Augustus, into the world via surrogacy in 2014. "They are the joy of our lives!" 

2016's Game of Thrones


"Halloween is my favorite event of the year," continued Manny in an article published on Bored Panda. "The moment we found out we were having twins (a boy and a girl) I immediately started thinking about family Halloween costumes." 

2017's The Fifth Element


In every costume ensemble, Adelaide, the only girl in the house, takes center stage as Manny molds his ideas around a strong female lead. The costumes are DIY with some bought pieces which are then added to with Manny's creative flair. He styles, shoots and is the mastermind behind the photoshop process. 

2018's Masters of the Universe - She-Ra


The elaborate nature of the costumes and the thought that goes into them means that getting ready for their annual Halloween creation can be a three-month process. From hand painting the dragon outfits in the Game of Thrones ensemble, to sewing the Diva Plavalaguna costume in Fifth Element, one of Manny's favorite movies.

2019's Andy and Frida


Last year's Andy and Frida was a favorite amongst the judges of last year's Halloween Contest (check out this year's Halloween Contest) so we're not sure how they plan to top 2019's costumes. But wait...

2020's Super Mario 

image0 (4)

They've done it again! Manny, Paul, Adelaide and Augustus, have SMASHED the competition!

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