8 Stories Filled with Love for This Valentine's Day

Over the course of almost three years of existence, Gays With Kids has published many stories where love was paramount. For Valentine’s Day, we are republishing the best of these. Because we can all use a little more love in our lives.

The story of a gay dad wedding told through the eyes of their 12-year-old daughter, Emma.

Emma is not your average kind of kid. She spent her one of her summers writing a 1500-word essay about the wedding of her gay dads Ben and Chet, an article that wound up featured in the October issue of “Lavender,” a Minnesota LGBT magazine, and shortly afterwards on Advocate.com. Read her story and be blown away by her universal message of love.


 These all-American dads have fought for their country, family and for their love to be recognized.

Together since 2005, Jonathan and Thomas have two daughters. Read their loving story on how they met, fought to have their marriage recognized by the U.S. Army, and created their family.


 Gay dad blogger Anthony Romeo wrote a letter to his son about his wonderful and loving husband, Dom.

In this letter, Anthony shares with his son all the reasons why he has the most amazing papa in the world. And why, each day, Anthony is grateful for the man he loves, the incredible father to their son.


 Single gay dad Donnie found love again, and a family for his son Joey.

Donnie and his youngest son, Joey, have moved to Ohio to begin a new life with Donnie's fiancé, Chad, and Chad's two sons. And this new family of five couldn't be happier.


 True love can mean spending almost everyday together for the past 30 years

Dan and Joseph have been in love since 1986, raised a daughter together and are now proud granddads to her son.



 Gay dad blogger David Blacker loves his son so much he lists 100 reasons why.

Read 100 things that David loves about his son. From the way he always wants David and his husband Alex to drive around following garbage trucks every Wednesday before school, to naming his pet fish Gavin.


 100 LGBT couples tie the knot in the biggest pride wedding, including gay dads Dale and Greg.

Dale and Greg never felt much of a rush to tie the knot. But when the couple heard about the “Grand Pride Wedding,” they knew it was the perfect time — in large part because of who stood with them at the ceremony: their 3-year-old daughter Peyton in a peach-colored sundress.



From Brazil, Ewerton and Jonathan write a letter sharing their love for one another and their adoptive son, Matheus.

Together, they adopted their 5-year-old son, and are living happily ever after.




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