30 Killer Family Halloween Costumes Sure to Spook the Competition

Ok sure, this may not be a normal Halloween. According to CDC guidelines, trick or treating may not be in the cards for many of us, and our typical Halloween parades and parties will take place via Zoom this year. (Make sure you attend ours!) But if we know our community of queer dads as well as we think we do, no pandemic is going to get in the way of an opportunity to turn a major Halloween look or two. 

Another reason to join in the festivities this year — our annual Halloween family costume contest is still a GO this year! Check out this page for official instructions. Need some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing? Check out 30 of our favorite family costumes from last year's competition! And remember: go big or gourd home. 

Dressing up this year? Check out our annual GWK Halloween Family Costume competition!



This family is strolling down the yellow brick road, right into our best costume list.

Dads Christian and Luis, Sydney, Australia

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Dorothy Costume
, Tin Man Costume, Kids Lion Costume, Kids Scarecrow Costume

With baby flounder now a part of our world — can’t wait to see what Ariel brings this halloween!

Dads Mike and Chris, Berea, Ohio

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Ursula Costume,
Baby Flounder Costume, Little Mermaid Costume

This monster mash is definitely a graveyard smash

Dads Roel and Jorge, Mission, Texas

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Frankenstein Costume
, Mummy Costume, Swamp Thing Costume, Dracula Costume, Bride of Frankenstein Costume

Blimey, Harry and Draco are arm and arm next to one of the Weasleys... I think we might need a butterbeer before we ask questions.

Dads Adam and Josh, Dallas, Texas

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Baby Harry Potter Costume
, Adult Hairy Potter Costume

'To Infinity and Beyond' our expectations for a family Halloween costume!

Dads Andy and James, New Jersey

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Adult Mister Potato Head Costume
Kids Woody Costume, Kids Buzz Lightyear Costume

We bow down to this Bowser-fighting family!

Dads Frankie and BJ, Toronto, Canada

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Adult Luigi Costume
Adult Yoshi Costume, Kids Super Mario Costume

We Give a Hearty 'Oh La La!' to This Miraculous-Looking Ladybug and Cat Noir

Dads Manuel and Bud, Valencia, Spain

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Kids Lady Bug Costume
Kids Cat Costume

Axe-wielding brides, two blood-thirsty grooms, and a ghost? This sounds like a Halloween gang we want to be part of.

Dads Steve and Gavin, Victoria, Australia


Even though the golden snitch may not be feeling these costumes, we are! 😂

Dads Chad and Ray, Savannah, Georgia


The night is dark and full of terr...ific GOT costumes!

Dads Adam and Eric, Valparaiso, Indiana


Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka 

@dannywongyDads Danny and Jay, California


The second star to the right has these dads flying past the competition.

Dads Burton and Dustin, Raleigh, North Carolina


This classic costume ensemble is giving us CHILLS!

Darren and Barry Pamayah
Dads Darren and Barry


The early bird certainly caught the creativity worm 🐛



JEEPERS! Roger Rabbit is in a triangle of trouble

Jordan and Devon
Dads Jordan and Devon, Claremont, California


Feliz Día de los Muertos

Dads Sean and Josh, Sydney, Australia


We want these dads to be our neighbors.

Dads Nick and Chris, Chicago, Illinois


Don't mess with Maui when he's on a break away!

Dads Jake and Tom, New Orleans, Louisiana


When you’re an Addams, you can sometimes be a drag, but in the best way.

Dads Davide and Thomas, Las Vegas, Nevada


It’s a jolly holiday with Mary!

Dads Ralph and Lester, Mount Olive, New Jersey


This little bee is the honey to my toast!

Dads James and Charlie, San Francisco, California


I can’t decide what the greatest costume is from this greatest show.

Dads Mark and Rob, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Even with as cute a Pennywise as this, we're still scared of clowns 🤡

Mike Reynolds Scott Figert
Dads Mike and Scott


These dragons look well and truly trained.

Dads Tyler and Andy, Phoenix, Arizona


Cutest chef with charming condiments 

Dads Brian and Preston, San Francisco, California


These artists have taken the prize of most original costumes. Absolutely stellar!

Dads Manny and Paul, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Butter wouldn't melt... would it? 😏

Dads Joseph and JC, Los Angeles, California


And our winner and runner-ups from last year!

Goldilocks, out for a photoshoot, with her three bears.

Dads Gal and Gillies, San Francisco, California


These baby Presidents seem like pretty good alternatives right now...

Dads Ben and Andy, St Louis, Missouri


Who needs to trick-or-treat when you own a chocolate factory?

Dads Doug and Brent, Atlanta, Georgia

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