Top 5 Health Checks to Keep Gay Dads Healthy in 2017

Our busy lives and work schedules often prevent us from seeking routine preventive care. All gay men, including myself, want to feel and look great, along with optimizing functionality. When kids come along, health should be an even bigger priority to ensure we stay fit and healthy (and sane!) to take care of our little people. Remember, put your own oxygen mask on before helping others!

In order to continue to meet these yearly goals, one needs to go back to the basics and check in with his physician—preferably one who is gay himself, or well-versed in the medical needs, wants and desires of the gay community—to check off the following five important health checkups.

  • Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Cholesterol: Three simple parameters to measure, but these tests give doctors enormous insight into how your body is functioning. Keeping these in check and within normal ranges truly allows one to optimize performance and longevity.
  • STI/HIV Screening and Vaccination Update: In our complex gay world, relationships can take many forms, so a once-a-year full checkup and screening not only allows you to make sure there are no unwanted infections, but also allows partnerships to continue safely. The only way to participate in non-monogamous sexual relationships responsibly is to routinely get tested, and stay up-to-date with vaccinations. It’s important to find a doctor you truly trust and are able to open up to about the different types of relationships and sexual encounters you have experienced and will experience moving forward. Your doctor will be able to advise you on any vaccinations that are relevant, as well as other preventative sexual health care measures. When it comes to sex and safety, this mantra stands and should be followed: “Trust no one."
  • Mental Health Check-In: Mental health and emotional wellness is so important in this day and age, and yet it’s rarely probed. It’s not often enough that one truly checks in with their feelings and mental well-being, but it is so imperative to do so for whole-body longevity and relationships, especially in relation to the family. Complex times lead to complex lives and the only way to reach optimal mental heights is to be honest, open, truthful and mindful. This leads to amazing relationships and strong family bonds, along with enjoyment in one’s life. Have a self check-in, and speak to your trusted doctor if things don’t feel right.
  • HPV/Anal Pap Smear and Cancer Screening: Whether you are a top, bottom or versatile, you should get a thorough external and internal evaluation, under microscopic guidance, along with a yearly pap smear and cancer screening. This truly provides so much information not only on HPV-related pathology, but also on all anal ailments that may hinder sexual function and daily routines. We use this orifice in many ways and it should be well-preserved and cared for.
  • Mole Mapping/Skin Check: Dermatological examination is a must, but an often-overlooked health checkup. The mole mapping technology is down to a science these days, and one should really take advantage of early screening and skin cancer prevention. Plus, seeing the dermatologist allows for the cosmetic touch-ups and maintenance we all need to keep our youthful look!
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    Posted by Dr. Evan Goldstein

    Dr. Evan Goldstein is the founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical – a first of its kind health practice that specializes in gay men’s sexual wellness and offers an integrated, unique and unified approach to patient care.


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