Self-Improvement Month: How Dads Can Boost Confidence This September

September is National Self Improvement Month and there’s no better way to kick off fall than taking the time to work on yourself. Keep reading to learn how you can use this month to improve your self-confidence and feel better about who you are as a dad! 

Fall Into A Self-Care Routine

If you haven’t already created a self-care routine, take the time this month to establish a regime that works for you and your needs. Since the focus is typically on the kids, it can be difficult to find the time to pamper yourself, but with a little planning, you’ll fall into the right routine in no time. Parenting can oftentimes lead to unreleased stress and can cause problems like hair loss, acne breakouts, or an unhealthy mindset. Ensure that your self-care routine contains elements that will help you relieve stress and fix any problems that have occurred over time. For example, if you’re experiencing any hair loss as a result of stress, or otherwise, there are ways you can help control it such as using a prescribed hair loss treatment like finasteride to help you grow your hair back. If you’re feeling overwhelmed mentally, look into using a mental health app to talk through your emotions with an expert, and come up with strategies to use when you’re feeling down. For parents, this is easier said than done, of course, but aiming to get consistent good nights sleep is also imperative for overall health. The most important thing is that you’re consistently taking the time to care for your wellbeing so that you can feel your best, which will translate into your parenting and your family’s overall wellbeing, too. 

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

With summer coming to an end and school starting back up, it’s important to get yourself and the family back on track with a healthy diet. Fueling your body with the proper nutrients will help you feel energized and ready to take on every new day. If you’re unsure of where to start or don’t have time to plan out meals each week, consider using a kid-friendly meal kit service and get the whole family involved. You can spend time together picking out which meals you’ll enjoy and can even have the kids help make the meals during the week. Eating dinner together will also be a great way to discuss how everyone’s day went and make you feel more confident knowing that your kids are getting the right nutrients and give you the ability to keep up with your busy schedule while still being an attentive parent. 

Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Parents

With the digital age and always being connected to others, it can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other parents-- especially those who are influencers in the parenting community. While finding inspiration for parenting tips and tricks on the internet is useful, it can also be damaging to your confidence as a dad when you constantly compare your parenting style to others. To avoid this, take an hour or two to go through your social channels and unfollow or mute any accounts that don’t uplift your spirits. Don’t be afraid to remove anyone who feels toxic and engages in dad shaming by making your question your parenting ability. When you remove people that cause negativity, you’ll feel much more confident in your parenting ability and style. Just worry about yourself and make sure you’re being the best dad you can be for your kids. 

Create A Support System

The saying “it takes a village” is truly accurate when it comes to raising kids, and that’s why it’s important to create a positive support system to help you throughout the process. Building trusting relationships with friends and family will help boost your confidence when it comes to being a dad. You can also go to these people when you need advice and encouragement. They’ll be able to support you when you need it and remind you how great of a job you’re doing. A support system will also give your kids other people to look up to and make them feel even more loved than they already are. If you don’t have family in the area or need help making close friends, look into joining a parenting group in your community to meet new people. There are all kinds of parenting groups for different hobbies, like running or exercising, so find one that fits your lifestyle and gain some extra support. 

Keep Open Communication With Your Kids

Being a dad is your job, so it’s important to give your kids the opportunity to provide feedback on how you’re doing. This will allow you to know what to improve upon as a parent, and also create an open environment for your kids where they feel comfortable talking to you about everything. Also, be sure to discuss how you’re feeling with your kids and be transparent about your emotions. If you’re feeling sad or if you’re in a funk, share that with your kids so they know it’s okay to talk about their emotions. Knowing that your kids are comfortable talking to you will help you feel more confident in your parenting as you know that they’ll keep you in the loop and want to share personal things with you.

Take this month to work on yourself and improve your confidence as a dad! Your family will thank you for it and be proud of you for investing in yourself. Remember that it’s not selfish to take time for yourself and is a necessity for your overall wellbeing.  


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