3 Tips from 'Kekoa Food' Founders on Getting Your Kids to Appreciate Healthy Ingredients!

We met David and Danny, fathers and founders of Kekoa Foods, a few weeks back. They created and launched their company with baby food pouches that incorporate healthy, savory, herbs and spices and less-often used vegetables. In this next video, they sit down with the inspiration for their new venture, their son, Paul Kekoa, who loves healthy food options and illuminates some tips for other parents to get their little ones appreciating healthy ingredients.

Tip Number 1 – If you like to plant or grow your own vegetables, herbs and spices, include your children in the process. They learn how plants grow, gain a shared responsibility to take care of them, and are excited to eat them when they're ready.

Tip Number 2 – Involve your kids in meal prep and cooking. It's a great learning opportunity for them and they're excited to eat their own culinary creations.

Tip Number 3 – Embrace the silliness of childhood. Parenting is hard and work demands can overwhelm anyone, but David and Danny do their best to spend as much time with their child so they don't miss out on the important stuff like laughter. As you can see, their son has a great sense of humor!

Visit www.KekoaFoods.com to follow their journey and pre-order their delicious Kekoa pouches, which will ship in early 2019.

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