While Raising Two Kids, Perez Hilton Grows Up a Bit Himself

Could it be that Perez Hilton, the Internet troll everyone loves to hate, has... (gasp!)... matured a bit in recent years? So it would seem thanks to a recent interview Hilton gave with Into.

In the piece, he expresses something close to contrition for his youthful days when he courted fame by chauvinistically doodling semen on women's faces and outing closeted gay celebrities.

"Before blogs like mine, celebrities were royals," Hilton says in the piece. "I just talk about them as if they were normal people."

But following a backlash to a video he contributed to the It Gets Better Project, which provides words of encouragement to bullied youth, Hilton said he began to take a closer look at his life and work.

"People were saying, 'How dare you make an It Gets Better video when you're a part of the problem?" Hilton says in the article. "You're a hypocrite, you're a bully. So I did a lot of soul searching and reflection."

Another major turning point for the gossip blogger? He became a father. As Into journalist Nico Lang writes:

"Years after he decided to forge a new path, the father of two is concerned about the direction America is headed. His recent posts on the violence in Charlottesville appear to reflect that shift in his priorities. When Hilton's four-year-old son, Mario Jr., recently turned on the TV screen at the gym, he pointed to the screen and exclaimed, "That's Donald Trump!" "How do you explain Trump to someone so young?" I asked Hilton. He says that he didn't. Prior to that moment, Hilton wasn't even aware that his son—who was conceived through a surrogate—knew who the president was. But it turned out that Mario Jr. had been learning about Trump in school. 'I wanted him to live in a nice, safe protective bubble with no awareness of the awful person in the White House,' Hilton says."

Read the full article here.

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