Two Dads and Their Sweet Daughter on a Disney Reality Show

Butson Luthier family

The Butson-Luthier family consists of two dads and their 9-year-old daughter they brought into their family through surrogacy. On Instagram they are “@Lefabtrois” (The Fab Three). They are also an international family. Thomas (Papa) is from Paris, France. Davide (Daddy) is from New York with Italian roots, and their daughter Evelyn was born in India using an Indian egg donor.

Thomas and Davide met in Hong Kong 10 years ago. At the time, Davide had been in a six year ordeal to have a child. The two met the same week his surrogate became pregnant. Once Evie arrived just 9 months after the two met, Le Fab Trois was created. A year and a half later they moved to Davide’s home-town of New York City. Thomas and Evie quickly felt at home and became official New Yorkers.

Thomas and Davide Butson Luthier

As soon as marriage equality became the law of the land, Thomas and Davide tied the knot on Fire Island amongst family and friends. Today the family lives and works in Las Vegas after new opportunities led this international family to make one more move out west.

But how did this trio become the new family to showcase their dancing skills on the Disney competitive dance show, Disney Fam Jam?

"It all started with Evie’s love for dance and her dream to become a professional dancer one day," shared the dads. "She trains four days a week with tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop." Her dads, on the other hand, reveal they are sorely lacking in the training department compared to their daughter. 

Last November, Disney reached out to them through Instagram and asked if they would be interested in joining their family dance competition show. The premise was every week two families compete against each other in a dance battle. At the end of each episode, the studio audience will vote for their favorite dance family, and the winners will take home a $10,000 prize along with a Disney Fam Jam trophy. The family said "yes" right away!

"The great thing about this show is that the parents do not have to be professional dancers," said the family. "It is really about the kids and the family and having this experience together. We felt the love the minute we walked on set, the cast and crew was so friendly and helpful."  


The Butson-Luthiers quickly bonded with the family they were in competition with. The kids became fast friends and still talk today. "We learned a lot during the filming of the show, not just about dancing but about themselves. Our family bond grew stronger."

The song they chose for their performance was one that celebrates their daughter Evelyn, and where she comes from. Her Indian heritage was front and center. The performance highlights the family’s love of joy, color and dancing — and, of course, the reason they were competing in the first place: their lovely daughter Evelyn.

The couple is grateful for the opportunity to show everyone watching that families comes in many different combinations, they hope that by participating in Disney Fam Jam, it will bring greater visibility for LGBTQ families. “At the end of the day it’s all about awareness,” Thomas says. "Our daughter has faced remarks from other kids about her two dads and she quickly explains with extreme pride: 'Love is Love is Love…and my daddies love me, isn’t that what matters?'”  

The Disney Fam Jam episode featuring the Buston-Luthier will air on Sunday, July 19, at 8:24PM (EST/PST) on Disney Channel (please check your local listings as this may be subject to change). "Make sure to tune in to check out our cool moves!"



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