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The Best Family Home Entertainment: 30 Things to Keep Your Kids Happy

Another day, another way you’ll need to entertain the kids that are stuck at home. We need to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into some good family fun.

best family home entertainment for everybody to loveSince even the most creative among us eventually run dry on ideas, we’ve collated 30 of the best family home entertainment and activities to keep dads and kids alike happy during the pandemic. From crafting to cooking, there’s something for everybody.

Craft Activities 

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Getting crafty can be a great way to fill the hours typically spent in activities not available in a pandemic. From building dens to reliving your favorite family memories, crafts are fun for everybody.

1. Everyone knows what Origami is, but have you ever actually tried it yourself or with your kids? You can find lots of instructions online which you can print before sitting down with the kids. Be careful, Origami can be addictive!

2. Create a scrapbook or vision board using photos from your family albums and magazines. Give each child a different themed scrapbook to create or work together as a team for family bonding.

3. Paint a bunch of  pebbles and next time you venture outside the house, leave them in parks and other fun places to brighten peoples' days.

4. Grab a canvas and some finger paints to capture your little one’s hand and/or footprints. Add their name and the date, this will likely become one of your favorite mementos capturing a precious moment in time.

5.Make a family tree and share stories with relatives. Encourage your children to talk about all the people who belong in their family and their favorite things about them. Also, explore how your family came to be and how wonderful that is.

Gaming Activities 

family gaming activities Whether board games or gaming consoles, encourage some friendly family competition with these activities. 

6. If you have a Nintendo Switch, Wii, PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, Just Dance is a must. You follow a virtual dance coach as they take you through routines for some of the latest pop tunes. It’s a brilliant keep fit workout as well as super fun.

7. Get the whole family involved in board game fun! What happened to a good old game of Monopoly? Dust off your board games and teach your kids how to lose to a metallic dog token piece. Older kids can be challenged with backgammon, cribbage, Othello to name just a few.

8. If the board games are tucked away in the garage or attic, then play games that don't require boards or pieces. You can have lots of laughs playing Charades...try pitting dads against the kids.

9. The great thing about jigsaw puzzles is that they can take a lot of time to finish and they actually stimulate the brain. Set up the puzzle pieces on your living room or kitchen table and before long you’ll find the whole family chipping in to help out. Then create your own.

10. Have a Nerf battle and see who emerges victorious. You can even go as far as making covers from pillows and packaging.

Educational Activities 

educational activities with the whole familyAs parents, we want our kids to learn as much as they can outside of the classroom while also having fun. These activities feel less like lessons and more like entertainment. 

11. Dissect fruit and vegetables then discuss the different parts of the produce. The best part? You get to devour the delicious victims for lunch!

12. Trace the sun’s movement by drawing your shadow every hour.

13. If you have a bug lover, they'll love getting outside to find some snails, slugs and any other creepy-crawlies hanging around. Consider getting a microscope to have a good look at them before releasing them back into the wild.

14. Take a virtual field trip to Yellowstone National Park’s top attractions.

15. Watch live jellyfish, beluga whales, African penguins and more at the Georgia Aquarium’s webcams.

Quiet Time Activities 

reading to child great home entertainment for the family gay bi and trans manThere are many times in a parent’s life where quiet isn't just appreciated, but also necessary. Here are some easy ideas for bringing some peace and quiet into your day.

16. Settle in and read books together or listen to an audiobook.

17. Organize a movie theater adventure in your home with lights out, snacks and, of course, popcorn.

18. Grab every blanket and pillow in the vicinity and build a den. Do you know the password to come in?

19. Play-Doh is another traditional favorite and can keep them entertained for hours. It’s easy enough to make your own from just flour, water, salt, oil and food coloring.

20. Make calm-down jars with water, oil, food coloring and lots of glitter. Watching these colorful creations settle after a vigorous shake is very soothing. 

Outdoor Activitiesoutdoor activities for gay, bi and trans dads to keep the kids happy

When the weather is pleasant you can take your family fun outdoors. Don’t forget the SPF!

21. Organize a treasure hunt around your home and garden with clues and treats for the children to find.

22. If you have a tent, you could arrange a camping trip in your garden with the children for one night!

23. Prepare a picnic together, sit on a blanket in the garden and feast like you’re in Central Park.

24. Want the whole family to become green thumbs? Not only will growing your own vegetables keep the kids busy for a while, but it might also save you some trips to the store.

25. Sometimes, just a kick around with a soccer ball or playing catch is enough to entertain the kids for hours. See who’s the best goalkeeper and who needs to work on their throwing arm. 

Cooking Activities 

cooking activities to keep the kids happy

Cooking is a fun and educational treat for the whole family. You can teach your children important life skills, learn about new cuisines and, best of all, eat what you make at the end!

26. If you have some flour and eggs, get baking! There's nothing kids love more than getting flour up to their elbows. Adding the finishing touches at the end means they can show off their creativity.

27. If you've got a couple of children running around, they can enjoy civilized tea parties together - with pinkies up. All it requires is a bit of imagination.

28. Check out the Kitchen Pantry Scientist for endless ideas that mix science, fun and the kitchen.

29. Try and make your favorite fast food snack yourself at home. Swap ingredients for healthier alternatives and have the full experience, drive-through and all.

30. Go through cookbooks or look online for yummy recipes. Are there any fun family recipes they want to pass on?

Whatever you decide to do as a family, have fun with it! Is there anything your family does that’s super fun? For more fun to keep the whole family entertained, head over to our entertainment blog.

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