Perez Hilton's Family, In His Words

In an essay published this week on Huffington Post, celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton opens up about his growing family, becoming a father via surrogacy three times over, and his life as a single gay dad.

On October 4th of this year, Hilton welcomed the newest addition to his family, a baby girl named Mayte Amor, who was born via surrogacy. Mayte joins her brother, Mario (4) and sister Mia Alma (2) as part of the Hilton household. All three children are his genetically. Hilton used a different gestational surrogate for each of his children, using eggs from the same anonymous donor.

In the essay, Hilton discuses the process he underwent when he first had his son, Mario.

"For my firstborn, Mario, I actually had to have a court-appointed observer interview me and visit my home and present their findings to a judge," Hilton explained. "I then had to show up in court myself and petition to that judge why my own son should be handed over to me upon birth and me given custody."

The process, he says, got easier by the time Mia Alma came around. Still, Hilton, who points out the surrogacy is illegal in many states, hopes that the process can be further simplified. "I do hope as the years go on that we can reach more understanding about surrogacy," he writes. "And, hopefully, make it legal across the country! Not just for us but for our straight allies who are having difficulties too!"

As to his decision to start a family as a single gay man, Hilton says that "on some subconscious or conscious level" he thinkgs he wanted to have kids on his own. "I also wanted to have my kids before I got too old," he writes, adding, "hopefully that next era of my life I can focus on romance and men."

Read his entire essay here.

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