New Movie Explores the World of International Surrogacy

A new movie, called Ghosts of the République, follows the story of Aurelien and Nicolas, who, when confronted by France’s conservative surrogacy laws, decide to exhaust their last option by traveling to Las Vegas to start a family of their own through international surrogacy. Through the lens of one family, this film demonstrates the extreme lengths many gay couples go to have children, while highlighting the ever-expanding and controversial surrogacy industry.

“This story is very important to tell at this point in history” says filmmaker Jonathon Narducci. “We’ve achieved marriage equality in the US and other countries around the world, but today’s laws are far from clear when it comes to surrogacy, and that’s where things really get interesting…” He added, “the idea of what a family is, is one of the most coveted values in society, and Ghosts of the République shows us that the definition of family is constantly changing.”

Ghosts of the republique

Nicolas and Aurelien’s story is unique in that it is a portrayal of the same-sex experience in creating a biological family through surrogacy, a technology developed in the 1980’s becoming more and more commonplace each year. This technology is one that has not only brought hope to couples who struggle with infertility but also to couples who struggle with equality. But while it is a source of hope for many, surrogacy also raises ethical considerations with various legal implications across the globe. Ghosts of the République seeks to explore the complexities of the issues, and in particular, asks, what does define family in our modern age?

Ghosts of the République is available on iTunes, Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu and more.

For more information visit the film’s website:

To watch the trailer go to:épublique/id1533928151

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