New Audi Ad Features Gay Dad Family

The brand Audi in the UK just gave us all a little gift...a short form video that simply asks us what we think families will look like in the future. The brand Audi asks us to think about what we would say to our children about what families will look like in twenty years.


In the process, however, Audi UK is actually showcasing the many faces of families already happening today. Not in twenty years, but today! Same-sex, mixed-race, name it and we see family. #FutureFamilies.

The gift from Audi UK comes from the fact that in many ways we are already #FutureFamilies. We've come such a long way towards acceptance that any form of family is family and we are all equal in our ability to form a family.

And the gift from Audi UK comes from the realization that perhaps we will soon no longer need to label what form of family we are. Perhaps we will no longer feel the need to say same-sex, mixed-race, singles. Perhaps that is #FutureFamilies and perhaps we are already there.

Harry and Meghan just started their very own as well. #FutureFamilies

Posted by Jim Joseph

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