Meet Karamo Brown, the Gay Dad on Netflix's "Queer Eye" Reboot

First let's get one thing out of the way: if you haven't been watching the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, begin doing so immediately. While, yes, this "rebooting" trend of T.V.s shows from the 1990s/2000s has already grown tired (and we will happily help boycott any network that tries to bring Dharma and Greg back to the airwaves) Netflix's Queer Eye 2.0 is proving itself to be a standout by featuring issues ranging from homophobia in the South, police brutality, and even *gasp* Trump supporters.

Another reason GWK is loving the reboot? It features Karamo Brown among the Fab 5, a gay father to two sons. Like so many other gay men who became fathers, moreover, Karamo's path to parenthood was anything but straightforward. In 2007, two years after Karamo first rose to fame as the first gay African American male to be cast on the MTV's The Real World, he received a surprising delivery to his home in Texas in the form of court papers demanding overdue child support. He originally figured there must have been some mistake, but after investigating further, realized there was none. He was, in fact, the biological parent to a 10-year-old son, Jason, along with a friend of his from childhood with whom he had long since fallen out of touch. (She had applied for benefits from the state, but after realizing Jason had a living father, officials instead tracked Karamo down for financial assistance.)

Far from being troubled by the discovery, Karamo says he couldn't have been more excited. "Every single person was over-the-moon elated," Karamo told The Advocate in a 2015 interview. "At the time, there seemed no possible way I was having a child … unless I adopted later in life. And being a boy, I think everyone wanted for me to carry on the name. They were all over the roof, especially my father."

Karamo asked for and was granted custody of Jason in 2007, and two years later adopted Jason's half-brother Chris, and has since become an avid advocate for adoption within the LGBTQ community. "Don't be afraid, because there's some child out there who needs you, would love to be with you, and would complete your family," Karamo told The Advocate. "It's something I never expected, and I am so, so happy."

Still not convinced you need to check Karamo and the rest of the Fab 5 out on Netflix? We've rounded up some of our favorite pics of Karamo and his kids on Instagram for your consideration. Enjoy!

Multiple generations in one pic!

Daddy Duty on Saturdays

When Bring Your Kid to Work Day is a T.V. Set

Piggy backs > car rides

...So that you can better appreciate his kids making fun of him

Karamo and sons in their element

Uh oh, beware a dad with clippers

And a recent Father's Day message that will make you go "awww"

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