Marriott's New Ad Features a Gay Dad Family

Another influential company, hotel conglomerate Marriott, is showcasing our families in their latest ad! And it gets better: It's the family of one of our very own bloggers, Ian Colvin.

The ad features Ian and his husband Darryl, with their arms wide open, as their daughter rushes to greet her two dads.

The ad is called "Human | Golden Rule" and is currently on Marriott's YouTube channel.

"It would be glorious if neighbors were neighborly," a voiceover says as the ad begins to feature Ian and his family. "And difference a forgotten word."

Their new hashtag #GoldenRule elaborates further: "Treating others like we'd like to be treated."

Ian, whose agent connected him with the campaign, spoke with Gays With Kids about the importance of his family's visibility in the campaign.

"All my life I've wanted to be a dad," shared Ian, "But growing up, knowing I was gay, I didn't see what my family might look like, in any forms of media. It's wonderful to see how far we've come, where companies and brands are including gay dads as an important part of their narrative."

"We are so proud our family gets to play a small part in this campaign. The messages of kindness, respect and inclusion are extremely timely."

Watch the full ad below.

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