Karamo Brown's Kids Dish on Their Famous Gay Dad

An interesting series for Slate Magazine has been asking kids over the last several months to review how well their parents balance their lives with work. Recently, the kids of Queer Eye's Karamo Brown— Jason Brown, 21, and Christian Brown, 18—participated in a Q&A to dish on how well their famous dad manages to balance his high profile career with this family life.

Here's some of our favorite experts from the article:

When asked how stresses their dad out the most...

Christian replied, "I think it's the plane rides. He gets off the plane, and he doesn't feel the best."

Jason chimed in," I would hope that it's being away from his family and his two lovely sons. I know I get a little stressed out whenever he's not here. Life gets a little out of order, and me and Christian kind of go crazy."

When asked what they thought of their dad's sudden rise to fame...

Jason said, "He's gone pretty much a lot of the time nowadays. It's awesome you know because it's more success and more opportunities that he's getting into, but we would literally love to have him around like we used to have."

"I can totally agree to that and relate to that," Christian said. "My father, he's just starting to travel so much, it's so crazy, it's amazing.

When asked how strict Karamo was when they were younger...

"It was totally strict," said Jason. "There were complete moments where my dad was the coolest dad, he took us go-carting, he took us laser-tagging, he rented out so many places. He's actually a really cool dad if you follow what he has to say."

"A lot of kids think it's bad when their parents are strict, but I think as a child I needed that from my parents," said Jason. "Or at least from my dad. I needed that because that helped me create self-discipline, so I know some things I can't do and some things I can.

When asked for a specific example of when Karamo had been strict with them...

Jason replied, "I don't know how this happened, but one day we both got suspended from school. [Christian] was in elementary and I was in middle school, and literally he picked both of us up and made us, right outside of my school, work out in front of all our friends and everybody saw us. It was so embarrassing. That's our punishment, working out. We don't necessarily work out as much, but when it comes to him, it gets to military-style working out."

When asked what lessons Karamo imparted to his sons, as black men...

Jason said, "That's one of the more important lessons my dad has always impressed on us: how we're being perceived in this country as black men, Whenever I go out, in the back of my head there's a voice that sounds just like my dad telling me, Hey watch what you're doing, look out for yourself."

"You're a king," Christian added.

"Yeah, you're a king," Jason said. "Don't do anything that's going to get you in trouble.

When asked who their favorite fab five member was, apart from their dad...

"Bobby Berk," said Jason.

"BOBBY!!" Christian agreed.

"Bobby, we love Bobby," Jason said.

"Bobby, Bobby, Bobby," echoed Christian.

"I also like Jonathan, too," said Jason. "I like his hair."

Read the whole Q&A at Slate!

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