Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s “Extraordinary” Baby Shower

Many of us know Jesse Tyler Ferguson as one half of the openly gay dad couple, Mitch and Cameron, from the hit Fox television series Modern Family — the series that has aired for 11 seasons, but will be coming to its final show this coming April. Though Ferguson, like his character, is openly gay — his only experience with parenthood has been through his experience on the T.V. show.

But that is about to change. Ferguson and his husband, Lawyer Justin Mikita, recently announced they are expecting their first child, and they recently celebrated their expanding family in style with a baby shower thrown for them by Todd Hawkins and April Gray.

Even though the couple did not want a baby shower, that did not stop their friends and family from throwing one on February 15th, 2020 and by the end of it all, they were extremely happy to have had one to celebrate the fact that they are going to be dads.

The shower included many of his Modern Family co-stars, such as Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland, as well as many other celebrities such as Betty Who, Jen Atkin, Lisa Rinna, and Broadway actress Shoshana Bean. The shower even featured a performance from the Aquawillies, who are a group of male synchronized swimmers. According to Page Six, the theme of the celebration was, "S—---t Just Got Real."

Ferguson has been married to his husband, lawyer Justin Mikita, since July 20th, 2013. At least according to the couple's adorable instagram feed, it only looks like they've fallen more in love with each other since their 2013 wedding. Ironically, when speaking to USA Today, Ferguson admitted to not telling the truth about how they first met. "I tell everyone that we met through mutual friends but we actually first met at the gym," Ferguson said.

Despite telling people this, Ferguson and his husband have discussed children and starting a family together, talking about how they are "baby crazy" and can't wait to have children of their own, even discussing in 2013 that "I want a child in the next four, or five years," Ferguson said.

The pair are also activists for the LGBTQ+ community, starting their own non-profit organization called Tie The Knot. The organization raises money and awareness for same-sex and LGBTQ rights while also providing stylish bow ties and other accessories for couples to wear during their wedding.

On Wednesday, January 22nd, the dreams of wanting a family became a reality when Ferguson announced on the Late Late Show With James Corden that he and his husband were expecting their first child together. Ferguson told the talk show host, "I'm 44 now, let's get the show on the road."

Ferguson did not want to mention much about his upcoming baby when he appeared on the Late Late Show, instead focusing more on the series finale of Modern Family. "It's incredibly sad," Ferguson said. It is something that he has been doing for 11 years and that is first through eleventh grade as a kid, "That's a lifetime," he stated.

Though the couple did not want to draw too much attention on their impending fatherhood, James Corden stated to Ferguson that with the end of the hit series fast approaching, "Knowing what we know now, you should think I'm leaving Modern Family behind, but come July, you're going to make your own modern family- and it's going to be beautiful."

When it comes to the gender of the baby, the couple don't want to put a label on the child until they are ready to make that decision on their own, instead labeling the child as "just a human," Ferguson said. Non-binary advocate Jacob Tobias, who is a friend of the couple and who was also a guest at the shower stated, "So often, when people that I love tell me that they are having a kid, my happiness is almost immediately followed by disappointment and heartbreak as I watch them nonconsensually gender a child who deserves the right to choose for themselves."

Ferguson and Mikita's decision not to gender their child at birth, Tobias said, made the couple's babyshower celebration even more special to him, he said. "They aren't letting the world choose their kid's gender for them."

The dads-to-be have not given an exact due date to when their child will be born, but they have revealed that the baby is due in July and that they can't wait to have their own little family.

Posted by Jared Naut

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