Jeff Goldblum and Stanley Tucci as Gay Dads? The Internet Says 'Yes'

It started innocently enough... with Tyler Bradley posting an idea for a movie on Twitter starring two of America's favorite male leads:

"Film concept: jeff goldblum and stanley tucci own a restaurant and are also husbands"

With over 14K retweets and 54K likes, the Internet appeared to like the idea. And soon enough, they moved on to casting the couple's son:

But what about the finer plot points? Several ideas were floated. Maybe a handsome stranger played by (who else?) Mark Ruffalo suddenly shows up to disrupt their happy home life:

Or perhaps the plot is thickened further by an epic battle with a villainous restaurant owner on the other side of town...

Or maybe a rivalry with a lesbian food blogger?

Sure, some details need be ironed out. And it's likely just a pipe dream. But never underestimate the power of the Internet! Recently, after a photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o was posted online at a fashion show, the Internet dreamed up a heist movie with the two stars in the lead roles. But Netflix recently announced its developing the idea... So who knows? Maybe a Tucci/Goldblum dramedy will be part of the fall lineup...

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