History Has Been Made! Gay Dads Featured on Nickelodeon

On Wednesday July 20, in an episode of Nickelodeon’s animated show “Loud House” titled “Overnight Success,” two gay dads appeared (voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald), a first in animation as far as we know. Well done, Nickelodeon!

The gay dads, an interracial married couple, were portrayed as typical parents: They dropped off their son for a sleepover. Like so many parents, they were overprotective. The entire scene was remarkably, well, unremarkable. And that, in our opinion, is a good thing.

This isn’t the first time Nickelodeon has had a same-sex couple portrayed in their shows: A lesbian relationship was featured in the show “The Legend of Korra.”

The show has received some fantastic responses to the first portrayal of gay dads in cartoon form. Below are some of the comments we found on Twitter.

First Interracial parents , now gay interracial parents ? This is amazing! We salute you. #LoudHousehttps://t.co/zRI7mncMr7

— Aaliyah Heaven (@MsPettyTv) July 19, 2016

— jacee loves you (@hearteyeshowell) July 20, 2016

So happy to be a part of this show! #loudandproudhttps://t.co/CvEz4k7PsY

— Lauren Patterson (@lpattersondraws) July 18, 2016

Well done, Nickelodeon! Thanks for helping to normalize our families!

Time to make history indeed! First married gay couple on a Nickelodeon cartoon!https://t.co/CI5NPmd7JU

— ㅤ (@Ieodavinci) July 16, 2016

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