Gay Dads in Ads: Latest in Inclusive Marketing Campaigns!

I love marketing. In fact, I was one of those kids who knew right from the start that I wanted to go into marketing...what ever that was! And I've been in marketing my entire career now, close to thirty years!

I'm also a dad, a gay dad...For not quite thirty years.

Nothing thrills me more than seeing gay dads portrayed in marketing. I feel like a little kid again, each time I see a new brand represent us so well. So there are two brands that I'd like to highlight with new marketing material featuring gay dads this month.

Rockland Trust, "Inspired by Great Relationships." In this spot, this regional bank portrays all types of relationships noting that its those relationships that matter most. Thanks for including gay fathers (0:11) in your portrayal of great relationships. "It's all about being together."

Medibank, "#BetterWithAKiss." This health insurance company in Australia is among many brands celebrating the recent same sex marriage initiative in the country. The spot features real couples then-and-now talking about the bond that forms when you kiss. I love the diversity that the brand portrays, and it's so inspiring hearing real people talk about their relationships. Thanks again for including gay fathers in your celebration.

What's great about these two examples is that they are not just focused on gay dads, but instead the entire spectrum of people who form relationships with one another and fall in love with one another. Whether male or female or gay or straight, of every single flavor!

Posted by Jim Joseph

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