Gay Dads Featured in Enfamil Commercial

The best kind of inclusion is when you're not singled out but instead included right along with everyone else. This kind inclusion inspires others to pursue their own dreams and desires, just like any one else. As part of our popular culture, we know that brands are uniquely suited to inspire us in this way.

Which is exactly what Enfamil just did with their new user-generated content marketing campaign called "The Most Important Person in the World." The campaign features people talking about, well, who matters most to them. There are folks here from all walks of life, every form and flavor. I can also happily say that the campaign includes two gay dads who talk about their daughter.

This is the Most Important Person in the World - Zanna Lu

Gays with Kids was able to catch up with these (newly famous) gay dads, Tony and Michael, to hear about their experience working with Enfamil. Here's what they had to say:

"To have our family so graciously depicted is encouraging for those LGBTQI kids out there who are just figuring things out or not in safe environments. We hope they know that it gets better, and sometimes it gets downright awesome. On our first date we both discussed how we wanted a family one day, weren't quite sure how it was coming about but was determined to share the immense love inside both of us, blended with the experiences had with our own terrific families. For us, the most important person is the world is our daughter Zanna Lu, because it's her world and we all just live in it."

Awesome indeed! Spoken like true dads, of any form or flavor. Thank you, Enfamil, for including us in your round-up campaign. Inclusion is the best kind of representation, and the biggest form of flattery! By doing so, you've just now inspired an entire new generation of gay dads.

Posted by Jim Joseph

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