"Finding Life" Documentary: Creating Gay Dad Families Through Foster-Adopt

Over 2 years ago, we spoke with experienced filmmaker Carlton Smith about his documentary featuring gay dad families created through foster-adopt. It was a heartfelt project that shone a light on the number of children in foster care (roughly 400,000 as referenced at the time) who desperately needed a home. And the large population of same-sex couples, many newly married, who were interested in starting families of their own.

Carlton working behind the scenes of "Finding Life"

Smith filmed several couples living in South Florida who were going through the process of fostering and caring for children in need: couples who were just beginning their journey through the foster care program and those that had already successfully completed the process.

The documentary, "Finding Life," is now complete and he hopes that those who watch it learn about becoming foster or adoptive parents and how much children benefit from finding loving homes.

"Many couples out there are just realizing that they can become foster or adoptive parents," said Smith, speaking with Gays With Kids. "I hope that people will see what the couples in our film went through and be inspired to start or expand their own families."

John and Marcus with their daughter

Since beginning the project, Smith has noticed a positive change in society, with more and more gay couples becoming parents.

"I see people opening their minds and hearts more," said Smith.

He hopes that this documentary will continue to spread that message and share the inspirational tales from the families whose stories he shared. Seeing firsthand the depth of love these couples had for their kids had a profound affect on Smith.

Alex and David

"Seeing how selfless and full of love you have to be to take someone into your home," said Smith. "It even helped me learn more about myself."

As for the future, Smith is excited to see what happens next for "Finding Life." His hope is to make it mainstream so the film reaches a large audience, and changes lives. Or, more appropriately, help others find life.

The documentary is available on Amazon and Google Play, as well as Video on Demand. Watch the trailer below.

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