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Family Entertainment: Fun Things to Do to Keep Your Family Happy

We know it’s not fun being inside all the time. For families, COVID-19 has been challenging to deal with, especially if you have young children that demand a lot of stimulation to keep their busy, curious minds occupied. As a dad, you might also be feeling the cabin fever of lockdown.

family entertainment

But it’s not all doom and gloom! There’s still a wide variety of things you can do. So dads, if you’re looking for fun activities you and your children can enjoy, look no further. 

Family Vacations and Staycations

Vacations or staycations are both brilliant choices for families looking to get out of the house for a few days. With COVID-19 still a global issue, international vacations at the moment might not be possible, but you can still plan them for the future.

Why not explore our top five travel destinations for queer families? You can even make vacation planning a special activity with your kids. Choose a destination and spend the day researching, choosing all the places they’d like to visit while there. 

And in the meantime — arrange a staycation. Like a vacation, but a little closer to home, these trips away could be spent camping, glamping or staying in a local city. The possibilities are endless. Plus, if they’re closer to home, they’re more likely to be easier to organize and cheaper overall. 

If you want to make things super simple, have a campout in your garden on a night with good weather. Blankets, lanterns, string lights and hot cocoa - the works. Simple nights like these can become treasured memories.

Fun Days Out

We’ve spent a lot of time inside this year, so getting out for the day is a real treat. Wherever you live, there’ll be a vast amount of day-trip possibilities open to you. All you have to do is check opening times, pack lunches and go. Just remember to find out if it’s a safe option during the pandemic.

Even as dads you can find something both you and your kids will enjoy. Here are some of our favorite day trip ideas for the whole family. 

  • A day at the zoo: There are fantastic zoos to be found everywhere, where you can delight in the antics of some of the Earth’s most famous (and most fun) creatures. Whether it’s lions or sea lions, a day at the zoo is a day to remember.
  • Beat the heat at a waterpark: One thing that’s guaranteed about a summer’s day is that it’s hot, so what better way to cool off than to visit a waterpark? Just remember your sunblock.
  • Go for a hike: If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with nature close by, go for a short hike with your kids. They’ll relish the chance at stretching their legs and it will be good to get them away from the screens. 
  • Go fruit picking: Do you live near to any organic farms that allow you to pick your own produce? This is a great option for a day out and a great chance at teaching the kids a little about farming, food and self-sufficiency.
  • Explore a museum: Every museum is unique, with a different approach to exciting parts of human history. They’re firm favorites with young children, who can delight at the exhibitions and interactive activities on offer.
  • Try a new sport: Do your kids want to try a sport they’ve never done before? Now’s the time. There are countless sports to choose from - some more unique than others. How about rock climbing at your local climbing center?
  • Spend a day in the city: Shopping, dining out or just simple exploring - walking around a city can bring its own little adventures. Who knows what kind of interesting things you might come across?
  • Try a unique outdoor activity: Sailing, horseback riding, ziplining or any other rare and incredible activity are perfect choices for any family day out. All you need to do is find out what’s on offer in your area.

Fun at Home

Looking for fun activities to do in the comfort and safety of your home? We’ve got quite the list of exciting, creative and wholesome activities to choose from.

  • Make a cardboard dollhouse or castle: Cardboard, a little glue or tape and paint and you’ve got yourself a magical castle, palace or any other place that takes your little ones’ fancy.
  • DIY drive-in movie: Repurpose your cardboard castle and turn it into a car for a drive-in movie. Just don’t forget the popcorn! Find out how to do it here.
  • Put on a fashion show: Create a runway in your home and get your kids to dress in their most creative outfits. You could even help them design some clothes themselves.
  • Create a mural: Got a bare wall you’re not using? Or a paved area in your garden? They’re the perfect place for a mural. It’s a fantastic practice to get your kids’ creative juice flowing, as well as brightening up your home with art you can cherish.
  • Make a time capsule: Your kids aren’t young forever, so preserve their unique personalities by getting them to create time capsules. Take pictures of them as they are now to add in, as well as drawings, schoolwork and anything else you find poignant. Why not get them to make handprints with paint? Simple things like that can be truly emotional finds when you come back to them ten years later. You can find instructions here.
  • Have a backyard festival: Get out the party cups, streamers and tents, its festival time! Make a playlist of yours and your children's favorite music and party in the sun. You can even make a stage area and get them to perform, as well as giving your festival a name and a unique flag. Karaoke anyone?
  • Make a terrarium: This is a little more complex and requires some special ingredients such as charcoal and plants, but it’s a great way of teaching your children about nature and how to care for things. You’ll end up with a beautiful terrarium that the kids can watch grow and change. Find instructions here.
  • Make tie-dye t-shirts: Fancy living out a hippy lifestyle? You and your kids can easily create some unique tie-dye t-shirts as they choose their own colors. You can find instructions here and design ideas here. Why not pair your tie-dye tees with your backyard festival to recreate Woodstock?
  • Bake: One of the classics, baking is a great way to get your kids making food and learning new skills. From the classic cupcake to fresh bread, start simple and who knows what your kids could end up making? Combining fun activities with life skills are usually the most productive things to enjoy together. 
  • Go on a treasure hunt: Creating a treasure map with clues, riddles and puzzles for your children to do might be one of the more demanding ideas on this list, but it’s potentially the most fun. Combining mystery, intrigue, excitement and brainpower, a treasure hunt combines all the things kids love into one activity. Just make sure you include some of their favorite treats in the treasure!

Finally, it’s still a good idea to use your devices - just make sure you’re balancing your kids’ time on them. As a dad, you can be incredibly busy, so it’s worth having games or movies they can enjoy to give you a little time to rest or focus on other tasks. 

What are your favorite things to do with your kids? Do you have any unique ideas or traditions that you’d like to share with other dads? Get in touch today!

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