Ellen Features Two of the Most Inspiring Gay Dads We Know

Rob and his husband Reece are two incredible dads. We published their story on Gays With Kids last year, sharing how Rob had overcome great adversity in his life: From being a homeless teen who aged out of the foster system, to an advocate for foster kids and founding the non-profit organization "Comfort Cases" with his husband.

Recently, they were featured on Ellen, who dubbed them "dads of the year." The show introduced Rob and Reece, sharing their family story and highlighting their incredible work with "Comfort Cases."

Speaking about their kids, Rob said, "They don’t care about the fact that we’re white and we’re gay. They care about the fact that we love them."

Watch below and see the well-deserved gifts that Ellen gives to the dads for their non-profit organization.


Next, read the story of Rob's daughter Amaya, who incurred the wrath of One Million Moms after she was featured in All American Girl.


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