'Dark Crystal' Prequel on Netflix Stars Two Gay Dads!

Ok, first of all... anyone who has NEVER seen the original Dark Crystal movie by Jim Hensen needs to stop reading this immediately and go watch it. It's twisted, weird and terrified a generation of Gen X/Millennials who thought it was a children's movie when it's more like the muppets on acid.

Anyway, only after watching the original will you be able to appreciate Netflix's reboot of the series, which serves as a prequel to the 1982 cult classic — made all the better by the fact that one of the main characters has two daddies!

Early in the series, which has 10 episodes, Deet (who will NOT protect you from mosquitos, but IS one of the Gelflings, the weird elf-like creatures you see in the image above) casually drops the bomb: he and his little sister come from a two-dad family.

Twitter reacted appropriately (below). Who plans to watch?

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