Best Tweets from Gay Dads: March '17

We may be dads, but we still have a sense of humor! Enjoy our Twitter round up of our favorite tweets from and about gay dads in March 2017.

#1: Sure...we downloaded Moana "for our kids," too.

 #2: Quiet, maybe. But someone's giving dad some major side-eye. 

#3: "Brave" is managing to post just *one* family photo online. 

#4: When it's dad's first night out in 6 months... 

 #5: Eat your heart out, Tom Daley! 

#6: Probably best not to go barefoot until the kids are in college. 

#7: Maybe the foot in the face can double as an eye-mask? 

#8: Not a dad yet? Don't take it personally...

#9: One day you, too, will live your best gay dad life.

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