9 Celebrities With Out Gay Dads

These 9 celebrities all had openly gay or bisexual dads! Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments.

Jennifer Grey

Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey's father, the famous Broadway actor Joel Grey, came out in January 2015.

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson's dad, Jimmy Lee Simpson, was a well-known San Francisco drag queen who died of AIDS-related complications in 1986.

Lynn Redgrave

The Gods and Monsters actress's father, Sir Michael Redgrave, came out as bisexual in his autobiography, published in 1983.

Ana Matronic

The father of Scissor Sisters lead singer Ana Matronic was a gay man who died of AIDS related complications when she was just 15.

Kaitlin Colombo

The comedian's father is gay, and her mother is a lesbian.

Molly Shannon

The SNL alum's father didn't come out to her until shortly before his death, at age 73.

Robert De Niro

The GodFather actor recently opened up about the sexuality of his father, Robert De Niro Sr., in an interview for Out Magazine.

Daniela Sea

The L-Word actress's father came out when she was a young girl. Daniela herself later came out as a lesbian.

Lavell Crawford

The Breaking Bad actor's father was gay.

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