7 Reasons Why We Love Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is back! Nate, along with his husband Jeremiah Brent and daughter Poppy, kick off their new show Nate & Jeremiah By Design tomorrow night on TLC. We've got some Berkus boosters here and want to celebrate this happy gay dad family. Here are our top 7 reasons we couldn't be more excited about this show:

1. Nate and Jeremiah are eager to use their celebrity to increase acceptance for same-sex parents and their kids. 

“We both believe the real power is in education and showing people and opening up the doors and letting them know that we love the way you love, we eat dinner the way you eat dinner,” Jeremiah told People .

2. Nate is known for designing some pretty high-end homes, but many of his projects look family friendly to us.  Can't you imagine your kids standing on that brass side table and diving into all those pillows?

3. Nate and Jeremiah were the first same-sex couple married at the iconic New York Public Library according to the LA Times.

4. The chambray shirt just might be the unofficial uniform of gay fatherhood: Rugged, easy to wash and wear, classic yet entirely on trend. Nate and Jeremiah seem to rock a chambray and sticky-finger proof denim better than anyone else we know.

5. Nate Berkus is resilient. Nate and his partner photographer Fernando Bengoechea were visiting Sri Lanka in December 2014 when a tsunami struck. Fernando died in the disaster. Nate speaks about how Fernando is an inspiration to him today as a husband and father.

6. Nate's Target collection gets lots of love. We're especially into his new line of baby clothes and nursery decor. The restrained colors and classic styles are a hit! Baby stuff doesn't have to be garish or dull.

7. Poppy! We saved the best for last! These dads and their gorgeous two year old daughter born by a surrogate.

For more famous gay dads and their kids, check out this roundup on Instagram!  


Posted by Chris Phillips

Chris is a new dad living in Brooklyn with his husband and infant son. Chris became a dad through an amazing and strong open adoption. After bath time and bedtime, Chris likes to read novels by gay authors and perfect his banana bread game. Chris's favorite hashtag is #lovewins.

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