5 Reasons Why Colton Haynes Will Be a Great Gay Dad

If his Instagram posts are to be trusted, it looks like fatherhood might be just around the corner for Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes! Keeping up with Colton's posts makes us think he and his fiancé---florist to the stars Jeff Leatham---will make great dads. Take a look below for our top 5 reasons.

Good luck Jeff and Colton!

1) Colton's brother is a gay dad too. Growing up with cousins who get it sounds great to us.

I'm so incredible proud of my brother's husband @scottculley for launching @gaybyapparel ...clothing for children with LGBT families! I can't wait to watch this brand sky rocket :) Go shop online & get the word out there :) More to come www.gayby.lgbt

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2) Holidays with these guys as parents will be epic! They bring a fun-loving flare to Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and just about every other day too.

Easter came early. I can't even describe what the love of my life @jeffleatham did for me today. I will try to contain my excitement but y'all know me...I'm gonna explode & it will all end up on Insta lol. On a serious note...to everyone out there who thinks love isn't in the cards for them...trust me (someone who gave up on love & happiness for yrs)...it's in the cards for all of us!!! The more you work toward loving yourself, the easier it will be. Romance isn't dead so I encourage those of you who are in relationships to go the extra mile & show the ones you love just how much you truly love them...it's such a beautiful feeling ❤ ❤ ❤ #LoveWins #Happy #LoveHarder #WhatMoviesAreMadeOf

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3) These dads-to-be love color and won't be afraid to mix things up when it comes to dressing their little one. Boys can rock pink too - especially a pink Marc Jacobs suit.

Incredible night! Thx to @seanknight @themarcjacobs @marcjacobs for this suit! #SanAndreas

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4) Colton speaks from the heart about struggling to come out as a teenager and again as a Hollywood star. His note here for National Coming Out Day is strong and patient. Two solid virtues, especially for new fathers.

Happy #NationalComingOutDay ! ❤️ ❤️

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5) Just one tip, Colton and Jeff: Don't harsh on cooked carrots. They are the favorite food of many babies!

I love them raw but if anyone comes near me with a cooked carrot I will smack them

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