15 Times Cheyenne Jackson Was Just a Regular Dad

If you're not following Cheyenne Jackson on Instagram yet, you're missing out. The talented actor, singer and songwriter currently gracing the small screen in American Horror Story: Cult is also a father to adorable 11-month-old twins, Willow and Ethan, along with his husband Jason Landau. And rather than populate his 'gram with glitzy red carpet events or fabulous behind the scenes footage of his latest project, Cheyenne instead treats his followers to a weekly peek into his life as a new dad. And his posts are about as relatable, funny, and charming as you'd expect from the "30 Rock" star. Here are our top 15 posts that show, once the cameras stop rolling, even Hollywood royalty like Cheyenne Jackson is just a regular dad at the end of the day.

Who Among Us Hasn't Had a MJ Dance Party with Our Toddler?

Like Father like Daughter?

Two Naps in One Day Got Cheyenne Like....

If Even Cheyenne Jackson Shops at Target, Guess We Can All Buy Those 2-for-1 Scented Candles Without Guilt!

Ever Feel Run Over By Your Kids?

"Your Mind Tricks Won't Work on Me, Boy"

I Mean Just Look at Those Cheeks...

Raise Your Hand if You Can Relate... Life of the Working Dad.

At Least the Puppy & Hubby Look Comfy

"Working From Home" With Toddlers? Not a Thing.

These Guys Even Make a Family Full of Illness Look Good....

That's a Lot of Diapers...

Party Never Ends...

Keeping Our Kids Close in Challenging Times...

...And, Like All Of Us, Trying Our Best to Live in the Moment

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