11 Famous Gay Dad Instagram Pics of the Last Month

June is a non-stop, wonderful and celebratory time for the gay community and dads - think Fathers' Day and Pride! So we thought it was time to check in on what's been happening with some of the famous gay dads we know. Like so many others in our community, we love how these gentlemen continue to use their platform to show the world that gay men make the best dads!

"Accidental Greek yogurt facial night." - Cheyenne Jackson

"Happy Pride from our family to you." - Matt Bomer

"Summer magic." - Elton John

"Poppy hugs vs. work? She wins every time." - Nate Berkus

"So, when you have twins you learn how to shave with one hand, hold a baby in the other, all while dancing to @nickiminaj in a messy bathroom." - Shaun T.

"Neil looking on both impressed and cautious. He's such a sweet, caring and thoughtful papa" - David Burtka

"Definitely letting the kids watch TV today" - Perez Hilton

"Happiness" - Fredrik Eklund

"Hold me closer Tiny Daddy" - Alec Mapa

"Swimming with dad." Claybourne Elder

"No job on earth greater. And I get to share it with the best of them all, @chefjonrollo." - Joey Gonzalez

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