"We Finally Qualify for Legoland!" Congrats to These Gay Dads on Their Growing Families

Our latest roundup of births and adoptions! Congrats to the happy families!

Congratulations to James and Mike on finalizing the adoption of their son, Matthew!

Matthew joins big sister Noel as part of James and Mike's forever family. The dads adopted Noel when she was 2 (she's now 12), and Matthew came to them in August. On March 8, 2018, the 5-year-old's adoption was finalized.

"It's hard to put into words the feeling of adoption day because it's an emotional time," said James. "We're overjoyed to be adding to our family; relief for the process to be finalized, and absolutely terrified because we are now responsible for the health and happiness of another human!"

Congratulations to this family from Roseville, California!

Congratulations to Mark and Solomon on the birth of their son Samson!

Mark and Solomon became first-time dads when Samson was born February 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. They traveled from South Weymouth, Massachusetts to be at the birth.

"The greatest thing about being new dads is that we finally qualify for Legoland!" said Mark.

Congratulations to this new family of three!

Congratulations to dads Paul and Brendan on finalizing the adoption of Aidan and Kaleb!

On March 9, after three and a half years of fostering, Paul, Brendan, Aidan and Kaleb became a forever family of four.

"It took two years of constant work - and lots of support from family, friends and Barbados - we were finally lucky enough to become their dads," said Brendan.

The adoption was attended by the boys' birth mother who has become part of the extended family. Congrats to this awesome family from down under in Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

Congratulations to Lav and Paul on their birth of their twins!

Valerie became a big sister when she and her dads welcomed identical twins, Louis and Emilia, on January 3, 2018.

"We felt pure joy the moment we saw them and knew that our family was complete," shared Lav.

Huge congrats to this New York family!

Photo credit: Michelle Rose Sulcov

Congratulations to Pablo and Luis on the birth of their daughter Paula!

Spanish diplomats, Luis and Pablo, welcomed their daughter on March 18 via surrogate. Together 13 years, the couple are currently posted in Caracas, Venezuela, and are thrilled to finally be dads!

"Paula's birth was the most magical and beautiful moment of our lives," said Pablo. "It's like a star exploded inside our hearts!"

On their very first date, the dads discussed wanting kids some day, and now their dream has come true and they couldn't be happier!

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