Unconditional Love: Latest Births, Adoptions and Weddings!

Congratulations to these dads on their new family members and important milestones!

Congratulations to dads Laurent and Giona on the birth of their twins Gabriel and Leon!

These two Parisian dads welcomed their twins born in Salem, Oregon, on September 13, 2017. Laurent and Giona are forever grateful to their surrogate, Kaila, who made their dreams come true.

"[We're] over the moon and happy to welcome their little princes Gabriel and Leon," said the two new dads.

Congratulations to dads Aderrick and Daniel on their wedding!

Aderrick and Daniel Bobo-Jones were married in front of their five kids, Jon, Liam, Bryn, Abbey, and Gavin (not featured) on July 1, 2017.

"It was beautiful summer day to celebrate our love with our kids, family and friends," shared Aderrick. "Our oldest is a Marine but was there via FaceTime."

Congratulations to the happy family from Chicago, Illinois!

Congratulations to dads Sam and John on the birth of Valentin!

French dads Sam and John welcomed their son Valentin on August 11, 2017. The family, who live in Paris, are over the moon and shared their news with us, as well as how they're currently feeling as a new dads.

"The best thing about being a dad is the happiness that comes from a little being who looks into your eyes, smiles and floods us with an indescribable love. It's wonderful!"

Congratulations to dads Jorge and Roel on the birth of their twins, Aaron and Constanza

"Becoming dads have made us realize the true meaning of unconditional love," shared Jorge. "IVF/ surrogacy journey has been a roller coaster of emotions both good and bad all new to us as a couple. We are glad it is over and have our healthy babies."

"We believe parenthood has made us better people in every single way," said Roel, "And we are sure that by sharing our story will help our community and society to become more tolerant to non traditional families."

Congratulations to this family of four from McAllen, Texas!

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