"Our World Has Changed": Congrats to These New Dads!!

Congratulations to these gay dads on the latest additions to their family!

Congratulations to dads Billy and Mario on the adoption of their daughter!

From Jacksonville, Florida, Billy and Mario finalized the adoption of their beautiful daughter on September 25, 2017.

"We are the two luckiest guys on the earth!" the new dads declared. "What we already knew the day Emma was born, a judge made official. Our hearts are full of love."

Congratulations to dads Antonio Júnior and Antonio Carlos on the adoption of their son Francisco!

Antonio Júnior and Antonio Carlos are fathers through adoption to two boys, 5-year-old Kaio and 2-month-old Francisco.

"Paternity has brought us an inexplicable love, after the children I see the world completely different," shared the two dads. "[We} see love everywhere."

Congratulations to dads Charlie and James on their baby girl Charlie!

Dad Charlie and Papa James welcomed their daughter Charlie on September 8, 2017, at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota via an awesome surrogate.

"Who knew it was possible to experience all of your emotions at the same time!?!" shared the two new dads. "It's been a wild and beautiful and stressful and awesome ride and we can't wait to see where it take us!"

Congratulations to dads Emilio and Jimmy on the birth of their son!

From Long Island, New York, Emilio and Jimmy became fathers on October 5 via surrogate to a beautiful baby boy! Both new dads are thrilled and feeling blessed.

"Never thought we could love more and actually "enjoy " late nights this much!" shared Emilio. "[I'm] not even thinking about closing my eyes ... just don't want to miss a minute as a new family."

Congratulations to dads Damian and Mark on the birth of their daughter Isabel Rose!

Born on September 9, 2017, Isabella Rose met her two very excited dads for the first time!

"To experience the birth of your daughter does change you. That first hold you feel emotions that you've never felt before. Our world has changed forever"

Isabella Rose was born via surrogate in the United States, and the family was lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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