"Our Hearts Expanded": Congrats to These Gay Men on their Newest Family Members!

Congratulations to these gay dads on the latest additions to their family!

Congratulations to dads Ariel and Brandon on the birth of their son, Cielo!

Husbands Ariel and Brandon welcomed their son, Cielo, 5 weeks early on September 29, 2017. The new dads are loving fatherhood!

"Cielo came 5 weeks early but right on time!" said Brandon. "Our hearts have expanded in new ways that seem somewhat unimaginable. We love staring at Cielo, watching him make meaning of the world."

The family live in New York City.

Congratulations to dads Chris and Scott on the birth of their son, Wesley!

Scott and Chris welcomed Wesley on July 22, 2017. Their best friend of 11 years gave them the gift of a lifetime through surrogacy.

"After a decade together as a couple, we knew it was time to add to our family," said Chris. "Wes has changed our relationship and has made it even stronger. Wes, if you ever read this, your dads love you with all our hearts!"

This family of three lives in Alberta, Canada.

Congratulations to dads Seppie and Danie on finalizing the adoption of Mandy, Natasha and Aiden!

After 7 years, South African dads Seppie and Danie were able to finalize the adoption of their three children.

"The relief that our children's futures are secure, and the smiles on their faces was the best thing!"

The forever family of five live in Cape Town.

Congratulations to dads O'Brian and Daryl on the adoption of their sons, Keithen and Camden!

On October 25, the adoption of Keithen and Camden was finalized, and their two dads were over the moon!

"We are so grateful for the village of family and friends that are helping along this journey, but mostly we are thankful to God for the strength and endurance to make it to this point. Our family is a testament to his will and we are now firm believers that sometimes miracles happen in pairs."

They live in Glenarden, Maryland, and went through private adoption to create to become a family of four.

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