'Our Hearts Are Full': Congrats to Gay Men Whose Families Grew This Month!

Wishing these new dads and those who finalized adoptions a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations from all of us here at Gays With Kids.

Congratulations to new dads Eric and Doug on the birth of Ava Rae!

Ava Rae was born December 15, 2017 and has stolen both her dads hearts!

"We always knew we wanted to be parents," shared Eric. "As soon as we held Ava in our arms, we instantly bonded and she has made fatherhood feel so natural."

This new family lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Congratulations to dads Remco and Carter on finalizing the adoption of their daughter, Ella!

Remco and Carter, together 7 years, have Ella's dads since she was 2 weeks old. She was born in Philadelphia where Remco was the Consul General for Netherlands.

"Last week we finalized Ella's adoption after almost a year of caring for her," shared Carter. "When we heard it was finally going to be official we felt like we were in heaven and it was quite emotional."

The family now live in Amsterdam but are moving to Shanghai this summer and spending 4 years there. Ella's adoption was finalized in the states January 24, 2017.

"Our little angel is officially our daughter. Forever. Proud to be a family and showing it to the world!"

Congratulations to dads Jonathan and Andy on the adoption of their son Gavin!

On January 30, Jonathan, Andy and Gavin became a forever family! Gavin's adoption was finalized and the dads could not be happier.

"We are so excited to finally give this amazing little guy the life he deserves," shared the Jonathan and Andy. "No longer does he have to worry about having a family who loves him, or where he's going to sleep; he's made our hearts full."

Congrats to this family from New Orleans!

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