"Our Hearts are Bursting..." Congrats to These New Dads!

Congratulations to these gay dads on the latest additions to their family!

Congratulations to dads Thomas and David on the birth of their twins!

Thomas and David became dads when they welcomed their children via surrogate on July 23.

"We feel so blessed to have these kiddos join us on our life adventure," said Thomas.

The two dads also gave a shout out to their "beautiful surrogate" and to surrogates everywhere! This family lives in Oakland, California.

Congratulations to dads Jon and Justin on the adoption of their son, Grayson!

Jon and Justin were over the moon when they officially became the proud dads of Grayson on April 17, 2017. This forever family of three lives in Orlando, Florida. When asked about the big day, the dads said it didn't really set in till days later.

"We were so relieved it was over, and overwhelmed with emotions ... we were finally a family."

Congratulations to dads Ryan and Chris on the birth of their twins, Olivia and Orson!

From Falkirk, Scotland, these two dads welcomed a son and a daughter on September 5, 2017. Ryan and Chris feel "truly blessed on become dads to twins."

"Our hearts are bursting with love for our daughter Olivia and son Orson. The birth of our children was the proudest day of our lives!"

Congratulations to dads Jai and Ian on the adoption of their son, Phoenix!

Jai and Ian, who live in Marshall, Michigan, officially adopted their son, Phoenix, on September 5th this year.

"After 15 months if going through the adoption process, we can finally say it's official! That forever family feeling can't be described," the couple shared.

We're so happy to share in these momentous occasions with our community! If you're celebrating a special event or date, we'd love to hear your news, too! Please email dads@gayswithkids.com.

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