"Our Family is Now Complete!" Congratulations to These Dads!

Congratulations to these gay dads on the latest additions to their family!

Congratulations to dads Rob and Mark on the adoption of their son, Cooper!

At the Lawson E. Thomas Court House in Miami, Florida, on July 11, Rob (above, left) and Mark (above, right) officially became the proud dads to their adorable son Cooper. Cooper joins big sister Melanie in their forever family of four. They live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. About the day, Rob said simply and beautifully, "Our family is now complete."

Congratulations to dads Christopher and Jeremy on the adoption of their daughter, Calliope!

Dads Christopher and Jeremy adopted their beautiful daughter last year on September 16 in Austin, Texas. The San Antonio forever family of three had an amazing day.

Calliope was born via surrogacy but the dads had to adopt her from her surrogate due to the laws in Texas. "This was the last day of a long journey," shared Christopher, "And we could not have been happier."

Dads Justin and Chad celebrated the baptism of two of their children, Dominic and Cora!

This family lives in Minneapolis and when visiting family in Eagle River, Wisconsin, Justin (above, left) and Chad (above, right) had their two youngest children baptized: Dominic (beside Chad) and Cora (middle). This family likes to keep it real and not take themselves too seriously. Lauren, the eldest, is the serious one, and Dominic is the challenging one.

Justin shares, "We love every chaotic, challenging and beautifully rewarding moment of being parents."

Congratulations to dads Tyler and Andrew on the birth of their two sons, Emmerich and Caellum!

Andrew and Tyler's lives were forever changed when they welcomed their baby boys via surrogate on June 16 this year. For the dads from Phoenix, Arizona, it was a three year process to create their family.

"The first few moments with the boys in the delivery room, hearing their first cries and watching them open their eyes for the first time," described Tyler, "Was the most magical experience in the world for us!"

Tyler and Andrew are head over heels in love with their two boys!

Congratulations to dads Michael and Joe on finalizing the adoption of their 2-year-old son Michael!

Michael came to his dads when he was 18 months old after suffering serious neglect in his foster home. His adoption was finalized in May this year, and his dads could not be happier.

"I was very emotional," reflected dad Michael on the big day. "I just thought how [his] life is going to change for the better."

Joe was also feeling a rush of emotions. "Relief, terror, joy, and gratefulness all at once flooded my heart," he shared. "It was an amazing moment in my life, to be sitting there with the love of my life and have the judge officially make our baby boy ours. It will hold a special place in my heart forever."

We're so happy to share in these momentous occasions with our community! If you're celebrating a special event or date, we'd love to hear your news, too! Please email dads@gayswithkids.com.

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