"Our Family Is Complete": Gay Men Celebrate Recent Adoptions and Births!

Wishing all of these gay dads whose families expanded in November and December a lifetime of happiness! Congrats to everyone in our community on their recent births and adoptions!

Congratulations to dads Andre and Cameron on the birth of their son Tyler! 

Andre and Cameron became first-time dads when they welcomed little Tyler on November 2, 2019 via surrogacy.

The couple had begun their surrogacy journey three years ago to the month, and they had always wanted to have a family. "We felt that the Canadian path was (and still is) the best route for us," shared Andre. "There were so many ups and downs through this journey and sometimes we felt like it was an emotional roller coaster, but now looking at Tyler's face, it was completely worth the craziness of it all!"

Holding Tyler for the first time, the dads felt complete. "We felt that our adult lives have just begun, and we have this amazing little one who will make it all worthwhile."

The family of three live in Melbourne for the majority of the year, but also have a second home in Singapore.

Congratulations to dads Courtney and David for finalizing the adoptions of Malakai and Josiah!


Malakai, 5, and Josiah, 6, were Courtney and David's first placement as foster parents. "We've fostered nine children so far, and adopting these two," said Courtney. "We've always wanted to be parents, so we started the process to be certified as foster to adopt parents."

Three years ago Courtney and David began the process to become foster parents. After Malakai and Josiah were placed with their dads, they were asked to take another foster placement and they soon realized how much they love fostering children. "We've reunified five kids to date. We currently have two foster brothers, with the intent of them going home one day," said Courtney. "But if it didn't work out we would probably adopt them too."

The dads describe Malakai and Josiah's Adoption Day as "magical." "The feeling that it was final was just amazing. We had family from several states come in to celebrate with us." They plan on taking the boys to the beach somewhere in spring, and perhaps Disney as that's what the boys have expressed real interest in. Watch this space. :)

The forever family of four live in Denver, Colorado.

Congratulations to dads Phil and Will on the birth of their daughter Evelyn!

"We are thrilled to announce that we are blessed to be the proud dads of the one-and-only, unapologetically fabulous, Evelyn Rahana McCulloch-Squires! She arrived on Saturday, November 9, 2019," shared new dad Phil via his Instagram post. "She is simply divine."

The Ottawa husbands became dads through surrogacy and they are forever grateful to their "rockstar" surrogate for making their dreams come true. "We want to thank you for the tremendous sacrifices you made to bring Evelyn into the world and for taking such good care of her. Evelyn will grow up knowing about what an awesome person you are!! You will be in our hearts forever."

They also sent a special thanks to their generous egg donor: "Your gift has enabled us to create our family! We send you love."

Will and Phil describe holding Evelyn for the first time, as the most meaningful moment of their lives.

Congratulations to dads Nic and Tim on the birth of their son Declan!

Australian dads Nic and Tim welcomed a second son, Declan, in late October with the help of an incredible surrogate, making it their second surrogacy journey as a family. "Our surrogate was originally based in LA, but moved to Arizona part way through the pregnancy," explained Tim. "It was a wonderful coincidence as our firstborn son was born in Phoenix, so both children entered the world at the same hospital."

Declan came two weeks earlier than expected. "We were in Disneyland celebrating Halloween and had planned to fly up to San Francisco before heading to Phoenix. By the time we found out our surrogate was in labour, we had missed the last flight out of LAX. Disney concierge was so nice to us, they called around to see which rental car yard was still open. We grabbed a car from there and drove overnight to be by the surrogate. Within forty-five minutes of us getting there - Declan was born!"

But their second surrogacy journey was not without its struggles. They started back in early 2017 and handling the journey from a different time zone was difficult. "We ended up flying over for work to North America and squeezing in side trips to see our surrogate and her family. We didn't get to attend an ultrasound appointment in person with our firstborn, but our lovely surrogate arranged for us to be at an ultrasound when we were coming down from Banff. It was such a thoughtful thing for her to do."

"Holding Declan felt like we had traveled an incredible distance to get to him."

This family of four live in Brisbane, Australia.

Congratulations to dads Matthew and Michael on finalizing the adoption of their daughter Maleah! 

"Our family is complete now."

On December 9, Michael and Matthew celebrated the adoption of their youngest child Maleah. Maleah joins older brother Colton who was also adopted by the couple.

"We've been married for 20 years, and about four years ago we decided that we wanted to expand our family," said Michael. "This resulted in the adoption of our son Colton in 2016, and who just turned 4 on Dec 22nd. We quickly started the adoption process for a second child after Colton's adoption was finalized."

The dads are were over the moon happy to have made Maleah's adoption official and afterwards they celebrated at their favorite Italian restaurant, Cafe Jordan in Lakewood, Colorado.

The forever family of four live in nearby Aurora.

Congratulations to dads Sean and Stephen on the birth of their daughter Iris!

Dads Stephen and Sean welcomed their second child and first daughter, Iris, on December 2. It was their second surrogacy journey to become dads.

"We had our son Sawyer via gestational carrier in 2016, and in early December Iris was born using a different gestational carrier," said Stephen. "They each share the same egg donor." The dads were both in the delivery room and Sean cut her umbilical cord.

"The nurse immediately placed her on my chest, and I felt this incredible rush of love and relief after over a year of planning, worrying and hoping for a healthy baby and uncomplicated pregnancy. We felt like our family was finally complete."

The family of four live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Congratulations to dads Adrian and Jose on finalizing the adoption their son Theo! 

Husbands Adrian and Jose finalized the adoption of their eldest son Joshua in May, and on Thursday, December 19, the second son Theo joined the family officially.

"We got licensed in June of 2018, and welcomed Joshua in October of the same year," shared Adrian. "We had no idea what to expect, but we instantly fell in love with him! He changed our lives completely." Then in June 2019, the family welcomed Theo. "Josh was excited to become a big brother! Theo is the sweetest boy and so humble. He's always willing to help out and give."

"The court hearings for both were so emotional because both boys knew they were not going to go to anymore homes after ours. They were guaranteed a forever home where they will be loved forever." The Arizona forever family of four celebrating Theo's by hosting a barbecue.

Ever since Jose and Adrian married in November 2015, they had always talked about forming family. "We are so happy to be able to give these kids a second chance at life." Watch this space as the dads would love to grow their family by adopting a girl sometime in the future!

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