"Luckiest Dads in the World"

Congratulations to these dads on their new family members and important milestones!

Congratulations to dads Josh and Joey on the birth of their son Micah!

Josh (above, left) and Joey (above, right), and big sister Myles (on Joey's lap) are so excited to welcome their newest family member Micah, born March 1, 2017. This family was created through adoption and they live in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We are unbelievably proud of the family we've created with the addition of out two little ones,” said Josh. “The past had its challenges with two moves and two adoptions, but we wouldn't change a thing - everything happens for a reason. The Bolton-Rogers family of four is excited and optimistic for what the future holds!"

Read this family's story (prior to Micah's birth) here.

Congratulations to dads Leonardo and Leonardo on the birth of their daughter Emma!

Together 12 years, Leonardo and Leonardo created their family via surrogacy, and little Emma was born in Florida on April 4, 2017, at 11:45 a.m. This beautiful family of three live in Argentina.

On April 10, Leonardo shared this message on his Instagram page, "The best anniversary [in] the world this is! Two years married and here you came!! We love you immensely!"

Congratulations to dads Michael and Terry on the adoption of their son Kylo!

Michael (above, left) and Terry (right) were thrilled to finalize the adoption of their son Kylo on April 28, 2017. Kylo joins sister Kyler in this forever family of four and the dads could not be happier. Michael and Terry adopted Kylo from the foster care system but did not foster as they were only open to a child whose paternal rights were already terminated for their daughter Kyler's sake in case they bonded and the adoption had fallen through.

The family from Fort Lauderdale shared: "We knew since the beginning of our relationship, over 15 years ago, we were destined to be dads. We didn't know how or when it would happen, but it eventually did. Twice. And we couldn't be happier (or busier)!

Congratulations to dads Jeremy and Matt on the birth and adoption of their daughter Annabel!

Jeremy (above, left), Matt (above, right), and big sister Audrey finalized the adoption of their newest family member Annabel, on February 14, 2017. Annabel was born only four days earlier on February 10, 2017. Big sister Audrey is said to be head over heels with her little sister. This family lives in Dallas, Texas.

"We are the luckiest dads in the world to have these two wonderful and sweet girls that complete our family," said Jeremy and Matt. "We are thankful every day for the birth families who chose us to be their Papa and Daddy."

On May 2, Aaron (above, in the black hoodie) and Korey (above, in the green hoodie) got engaged bringing this family of four even closer together! The two dads are very excited to share their news and are planning on a Labor Day wedding in 2018.
"Define family: the answer is in the loving smiles you see on all four of faces," said Korey in a family photo posted on Instagram. Congratulations to the two dads and their kids!
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