June Milestones: Births, Adoptions & Weddings!

Congratulations to these dads on their new family members and important milestones!

Congratulations to dads Pascal and Dimitry on the adoption of their son Loukas!

Pascal (above, left) and Dimitry (above, right), and big brother Jaycob are so excited to welcome their newest family member Loukas, born April 14, 2017. Loukas joins his family after a 7 year journey of adoption for the two dads. This family lives outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

“We are so happy that we were chosen to welcome Loukas to our family. Love wins again!”

Congratulations to dad Nicolas on the birth of his son, Constant!

This French co-parenting family is excited to announce that Henri is now a big brother! Constant was born 6 weeks ago through Nicolas' co-parenting relationship with his two sons' mother. The new family are doing very well, and Nicolas is happy to report that Henri is a very kind and tender older brother, although he needs some reassurance from his dad that there's room for the two of them! This new family of three lives in Nantes, France.

"It's huge to be dad of two children," shared Nicolas. "I'm so happy to discover again the magical time of caring for a newborn. It's not like the first time. I'm so clam and not stressed at all ..."

Nicolas also has some advice to future dads. "Don't be afraid. Be confident, you will do a good job with all the love you will give your child(ren)."

 Congratulations to dads Anthony and Tito on the birth of their son, Preston Lee!

Philadelphia dads Anthony ("Daddy") and Tito ("Papi") are thrilled to announce the birth of their son last month!

"Some people fall in love once in their lives, my husband and I had the opportunity to fall in love twice when Preston was born."

Congratulations to dads Michael and Allen on their wedding!

After 8 years together, dads Allen ( above, left) and Michael ( above, right) were married at the San Diego Country Recorder in California. It was a small ceremony and their adorable daughter Micaela Ellen was able to watch her two dads wed!
"After 8 years," shared Michael, "We finally married. We shared this special day with our 9-month-old daughter  Micaela Ellen and two best friends."


Congratulations to dads Andrew and Andrew on the adoption of their daughter, Olivia Marie!

These dads are over the moon on their daughter Olivia Marie's adoption day, May 22. Olivia Marie was born August 1, and it looks like this Los Angeles forever family could not be happier!

The two dads shared this moving message about Olivia's birth mother:

"Being a parent to us is the opportunity to make things in the world just a little bit better and bright. It's taking all the good in your life and passing it along to another little human. It's making sacrifices and decisions for the better of someone else instead of yourself.

Our child came to us from a mother who did just that; she felt our daughter would not have the same opportunity in her birth family and thus gave her to us to offer Olivia all that we could. We will never forget her birth mom's ultimate sacrifice : the true definition of motherhood. We will spend Olivia's entire life trying to uphold the promise to offer this beautiful baby everything life has to offer and love her unconditionally."

 Congratulations to dads Scott and Szymon on the adoption of their daughter, Ava!

After initially fostering Ava, Scott and Szymon finalized her adoption on May 8, 2017. Ava was in foster care for 551 days. Both dads were on cloud nine following her adoption, as we can see in these beautiful family photos!

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