Congratulations to These Gay Dad Families (9)

Huge congratulations to this week’s roundup of new or expanded families and gay dads celebrating momentous occasions!

Doug and Brent celebrate nine years together with their son whom they adopted almost 18 months ago. They're excited to be getting married in April next year and can't wait to celebrate many more years together. This family of three live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brett and James of Long Island, New York, proudly announced the arrival of their son Taylor James on July 21. The family is created through adoption.

3 + 1  = 4 members of the Green-Glass family! David and Steven became dads to their second child and first son on August 19. Congrats to this family from Chicago, Illinois!

Randy and Paul with their four kids and the judge 

"After 21 and a half years, we are finally all a legal family," shared proud dad Paul and his husband Randy of Louisville, Kentucky. Congratulations!  

Texan Dads Roberto and Max dropped their son off to his first day of school and tried to hold back the tears. Wishing their son a wonderful first year at school and the dads strength as they let their son go!

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