Congratulations to These Gay Dad Families! (3)

Huge congratulations to this week's round-up of new or expanded families!

Mike and Chris from New Westminster, British Columbia in Canada welcomed their son Spencer on March 9. Mike's sister was the egg donor and Chris' sister-in-law was the surrogate. Congrats dads, this baby was certainly lovingly conceived!

Congrats to these new gay dads! Ryan (left) and Brandon (right) adopted Derek and Parker in January 2016. This family of four live in Orlando, Florida. Dennis (far left) and Jeff (far right) from Chicago are the two babies' uncles.

Congratulations to Salim on the birth of his son Felix, born via surrogacy on January 27, 2016. Salim lives in London, England.

Duane and DeVere, together 13 years, are the proud dads of 4-month-old Reed who was born via surrogate in December 2015! This two dad family live in Washington, D.C.

Ace (right) and Raul from Las Vegas are expecting! Their first child is due May 9, 2016 and they're creating their family through open adoption. Congrats dads-to-be!

Please let us know your exciting announcements so we can give you and your family a shout-out too! Send an email to to share your news!

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