Congratulations to These Gay Dad Families! (#15)

Congratulations to these gay dad families on their new family members and important milestones!

Congratulations to dads Jeff and Rich on the adoption of their children Kord and Rae!

Jeff (above, left) and Rich (right) officially became the proud dads to their two beautiful children, when on February 17 the adoption of Kord and Rae was finalized! We wish this new forever family from Austin, Texas, a lifetime of happiness.

Congratulations to dads Thomas and Jonathan on the adoption of their daughter Grace!

The adoption of Thomas and Jonathan’s second daughter, Grace Ann West, was finalized on February 15, 2017. Jon (above, left, holding Grace) and Thomas (above, right, holding their other daughter, Charlotte) are over the moon with their two girls – and must feel relieved that their long adoption process is finally over! This family nowadays lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and was created through foster-adopt. Read their family story, published last year by Gays With Kids.

Congratulations to dads Ray and Oscar on the adoption of their son Rakei!

After almost four years and a roller-coaster ride of emotions, Ray (above, left) and Oscar (above, center, holding Rakei) are extremely happy to report that on February 14 their son Rakei’s adoption was finalized. They are now a forever family of three! This family lives in Schenectady, New York.

Congratulations to dads Nick and Chris on the birth and adoption of their daughter Ari James!

Ari James was born December 22, 2016, and her dads could not be happier! Nick (above, right) and his husband Chris adopted their daughter through private adoption, and they live in Chicago, Illinois.

Today is the day we have been waiting for since beginning our adoption journey nearly four years ago. Today was the adoption finalization hearing of our beautiful, smart, funny, loving and amazing daughter, Olivia Grace. We are a forever family. We feel incredibly thankful and blessed to have connected with an intelligent, brave and selfless birth mother, birth father and their families. They have been extremely supportive and welcoming and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them through the miracle of open adoption. We love them all very much. And thank you to our family and friends for their support, encouragement and prayers as we navigated through this emotional journey to becoming dads. We are overcome with emotion that we were chosen to be Olivia’s parents and promise to love her unconditionally, to mentor and teach her to become a loving, moral and compassionate woman, and to provide her with every opportunity possible to be anything she wants to be. #chrisandtroyadopt #adoption #openadoption #adoptionfinalization #twodads #twodadsandolivia #missohandherdads #family #love #thankful #blessed

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Congratulations to dads Chris and Troy on the adoption of their daughter Olivia Grace!

Chris and Troy, whose journey to fatherhood began nearly four years ago, celebrated the adoption of their daughter on February 15! Their family was created through open adoption, and the two dads are forever thankful to Olivia's birth mom and birth dad, and look forward to continuing their relationship with the birth family. We wish Chris, Troy and Olivia much happiness as they (officially) begin life as a family of three. Happy "Gotcha" day!


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